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The Saga of the Triops - Triops! - Cannibal Kings

About The Saga of the Triops

Previous Entry The Saga of the Triops Sep. 23rd, 2005 @ 02:26 pm Next Entry
Ahhh, my heart doth ache most terrible in remembrance of such brutal and sad events...

Well, not really. In fact, it was kind of neat, in a gruesome way.

It turns out that the smallest triops in the tank, Creamsicle, was actually the meanest little bastard you've ever seen. He ended up killing everyone else in the tank, and eating them before they could lay their eggs. He ate the eggs, along with the legs, first and foremost. He then spent the next couple of days zoooooming around clutching the remnants of Godzuki's headpiece, gnawing away while doing little loops and whirls near the bubbler.

Then s/he died.

Without ever having any eggs.

No passing on of the mean mean genes to another set of triops, just a life of gluttony, joy, and selfishness.

Creamsicle, you will be missed.

I attempted to grow a new batch of triops, but something appears to be wrong with the water this time around, and they subsequently all died almost immediately. I think the calcium level might be a bit high, so I'm going to sanitize the tank and start off with a new batch altogether.

I have hot pink rocks now. They're pretty damn awesome.

I also have a ton of triops photos to put up, though sadly none of them eating one another.
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Date:September 24th, 2005 12:13 am (UTC)
Creamsicle just adds more evidence to my theory of concentrated meanness in smaller creatures.
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