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I observed one of the 8 triops thrashing about, convulsing and… - Triops! - Cannibal Kings

About I observed one of the 8 triops thrashing about, convulsing and…

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I observed one of the 8 triops thrashing about, convulsing and generally not doing much of anything else, not even sifting the sand for food. (This is atypical behaviour). From other descriptions, I figured that this particular triops was in the throws of molting, and would soon be popping out of his shell. As I'd only seen this actually occur once before, I was keenly interested, and decided to plop down in front of the aquarium to see it. So, I watched, and waited....and waited....and waited...and waited. No molting. Not good. I'd read on occasion that a triops will have difficulty shedding it's skin, which is usually fatal for the wee beastie. It was late in the evening, so I figured, since there was nothing I could do, that the triops would make it on it's own, or become triops food. On the plus side, while I was observing the small triops, I noticed that Goliath was shedding his skin, and I got to watch him pop free with seemingly little effort. Well, hey, I still got to see a molt, pretty neat. This morning, I looked, half expecting to see a dead triops, or the remains of one, as they are all very good at eating everything that's not nailed down in the tank. There the little guy was, still thrashing about. Remarkable. While I was gearing the tank up for the day, (turning on the hood light, feeding triops food and freeze dried blood worms, etc), I saw Numba Two shed his skin! woo! two in a row!

Several of the triops now have either egg sacs with eggs, or the egg sacs themselves, waiting to fill with eggs. I'm still watching with interest.

As for the daphnia tanks, I mixed the greenish water from the first tank with the almost clear water from the second tank, so now they both have goodly numbers of daphnia and greenish water. I set the tanks out on the window sill to catch some sun. I still have no idea what I'm going to do with all those critters in the long term.

And thus, does another chapter of These are the Days of Our Tanks begin.
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