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So... you want to have triops in an aquarium, eh? Oct. 13th, 2005 @ 10:19 am
Oy... people... what a freaking challenge it's been.

I hope you have an established tank. I'm battling ammonia buildups and "The Nitrogen Cycle" right now. I've lost 3 of my 8 triops, and I'm hoping that the water changes and constant monitoring of ammonia levels to keep them down are going to let the remaining triops get through laying eggs. Here's hoping.

I wouldn't be having this trouble if I was using an established tank with established filters, and bacteria to eat the ammonia and nitrites that would occur in the tank. I'm leery of getting fish and such to take care of the long term water stability, since triops are ephemeral critters, and I truly want to have a tank I can set up, watch, and then shut down for a while. We'll see how it goes.

In the mean time, it's lots of water quality tests, and water changes to keep ammonia levels down till things can settle out. Wish me luck. Trying to keep things ok enough so that the triops can lay eggs for the next generation.

Sounds a bit like a TV show. "Triops:The Next Generation"

aquatic klingons? could be.

Oct. 5th, 2005 @ 09:32 am
I observed one of the 8 triops thrashing about, convulsing and generally not doing much of anything else, not even sifting the sand for food. (This is atypical behaviour). From other descriptions, I figured that this particular triops was in the throws of molting, and would soon be popping out of his shell. As I'd only seen this actually occur once before, I was keenly interested, and decided to plop down in front of the aquarium to see it. So, I watched, and waited....and waited....and waited...and waited. No molting. Not good. I'd read on occasion that a triops will have difficulty shedding it's skin, which is usually fatal for the wee beastie. It was late in the evening, so I figured, since there was nothing I could do, that the triops would make it on it's own, or become triops food. On the plus side, while I was observing the small triops, I noticed that Goliath was shedding his skin, and I got to watch him pop free with seemingly little effort. Well, hey, I still got to see a molt, pretty neat. This morning, I looked, half expecting to see a dead triops, or the remains of one, as they are all very good at eating everything that's not nailed down in the tank. There the little guy was, still thrashing about. Remarkable. While I was gearing the tank up for the day, (turning on the hood light, feeding triops food and freeze dried blood worms, etc), I saw Numba Two shed his skin! woo! two in a row!

Several of the triops now have either egg sacs with eggs, or the egg sacs themselves, waiting to fill with eggs. I'm still watching with interest.

As for the daphnia tanks, I mixed the greenish water from the first tank with the almost clear water from the second tank, so now they both have goodly numbers of daphnia and greenish water. I set the tanks out on the window sill to catch some sun. I still have no idea what I'm going to do with all those critters in the long term.

And thus, does another chapter of These are the Days of Our Tanks begin.
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Yay! Oct. 4th, 2005 @ 03:03 pm
The first two triops that I hatched in my most recent batch are sporting egg sacs on their hind legs! Yay!

I expect the other six will follow suit in a few more days.
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Triops in my aquarium setup. Oct. 3rd, 2005 @ 02:33 pm
I've gotten both of my hatchings transferred to my aquarium successfully. Yay!

These are AVI files with DivX encoding.

9Mb file, group shot and some of the tank setup

3Mb file, group shot

830kb , group shot, short and sweet for dial up people
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prepping for transfers Sep. 28th, 2005 @ 11:49 am
My first batch that had 2 triops in it are now coming up on a week old after hatching. I'm getting ready to transfer them to my 10 gallon aquarium tank, and I've started doing partial water changes with the water from the aquarium into the hatching water. By the timethis weekend rolls around, they should be allcimitized to the different water, so there won't be osmotic shock, or other complications. I am somewhat concerned about those two lil critters finding the food in 10 gallons of water, so we'll have to see how that goes.
Other entries
» The Saga of the Triops
Ahhh, my heart doth ache most terrible in remembrance of such brutal and sad events...

Well, not really. In fact, it was kind of neat, in a gruesome way.

It turns out that the smallest triops in the tank, Creamsicle, was actually the meanest little bastard you've ever seen. He ended up killing everyone else in the tank, and eating them before they could lay their eggs. He ate the eggs, along with the legs, first and foremost. He then spent the next couple of days zoooooming around clutching the remnants of Godzuki's headpiece, gnawing away while doing little loops and whirls near the bubbler.

Then s/he died.

Without ever having any eggs.

No passing on of the mean mean genes to another set of triops, just a life of gluttony, joy, and selfishness.

Creamsicle, you will be missed.

I attempted to grow a new batch of triops, but something appears to be wrong with the water this time around, and they subsequently all died almost immediately. I think the calcium level might be a bit high, so I'm going to sanitize the tank and start off with a new batch altogether.

I have hot pink rocks now. They're pretty damn awesome.

I also have a ton of triops photos to put up, though sadly none of them eating one another.
» (No Subject)
Four, count'em, Four lil Triops scooting around the hatching tank. Yay!

For reference, these are your run of the mill Triops longicaudatus

When I get the chance, I'll be starting batches of the following:

Triops Cancriformus, Triops australiensis and some as yet unidentified Triops or Lepidurus species collected up from some temp pools in Kansas. If the fellow I am talking to can resolve his hatching reliability issues, I may also be getting some Lepidurus Bilobatus to try my hand at raising, too. Still working on getting somt Triops Granarius but that's proving to be more of a challenge.

» Hi there!
Found this community recently, and thought I'd pop in.

Gearing up to make a new batch of Triops soon, and I'm going to have quite a few choices to make.

1. Which species to grow.
(T. Long, T. Can, T. Aus, and a wild caught variety from Kansas)

2. What sort of tank to use
(Looking at a basic 10 gallon aquarium tank)

3. What sort of filter to use
(undergravel, sponge, cartridge, or over the side)

In theory also, in the future, I might be able to choose between T. Granarius, and L. Bilobatus, but the fellow who has those doesn't have the breeding down quite right, so he doesn't have oodles of eggs to send out just yet. (*fingers crossed*)
» Carnage
I came back from the long weekend to find that my triops had decided that their fellow tank mates needed eating.

I went from 5 triops down to 2.

Oddly, the largest one, Goliath, is one of the dead ones. He's currently being munched on by Godzuki and Creamsicle (the smallest).

The unnamed triops is nowhere to be seen. They seem to have eaten every scrap of that one before I got back into the office. Bloodblister and Goliath are both floating at the bottom of the tank, mostly dead. Goliath has had all of his legs eaten off, and a portion of his tail, so I'm guessing he's 100% dead now. Bloodblister, on the other hand, occassionally twitches his legs, though he can no longer swim or make any other real motion.

Poor Goliath. He was the largest one in the tank, but didn't seem to have the killer instinct. He'd dive bomb the others occasionally, but never really made any eating attempts beyond that. Creamsicle, despite his small size, is a complete bastard and even bites at Godzuki, despite there being several tasty bodies to much on already. I'll be irked if he eats Godzuki before s/he lays those eggs though, as I can see a good cluster of around 20 eggs on the legs.

They ate Goliath's eggs, which makes me sad. Poor poor Goliath.
» Triops backgrounds
So I had a few moments waiting for a build at work, and I made these backgrounds. They're all 1280x1024 at the moment, but I might make a few other resolutions if anyone is interested.

Regular Image
Regular Image : Posterized
Negative Image
Negative Image : Posterized

I have a ton of photos care of my BA lending me her camera with a macro lense, but they'll have to wait until I get some time to edit them.

Also, watching a triops shed it's skin is really cool, at least in the case of Goliath. I noticed him lying in the bottom of the tank, part of his shell crammed under a pebble, making these big bucking motions over and over again like he was going through a seizure. Then he just kind of popped his skin, and bucked right out of it with a couple of flailing motions. He's now zooming all over the tank again, a little disoriented, and there's yet another skin littering the floor of the tank, despite this morning's cleaning.

I have named two more out of the 5.

We have:
Bloodblister (he's exceptionally red)
Creamsicle (very pale in appearance)
Godzuki (the smaller 'large' one, which is now more or less the size of the others, but more greenish in color)

That leaves me with one left to name.

This is Bloodblister, the cruel:

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